Parachute: Augmenting Optimal Network Efficiency

Parachute: Augmenting Optimal Network Efficiency

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Building a robust network is the key for all organizations to redefine communication and deliver seamless connectivity. To establish a standard network infrastructure, organizations today need an in-depth knowledge regarding trending network systems, software upgradations, and IT processes. However, in the current business scenario, a majority of the companies lack time, resources, or potential to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and the implementation of specific solutions. As organizations deal with the complex IT situations and issues revolving around network security, availability, and continuity, they need a professional partner that can provide complete networking support from design and implementation to administration services.

One company making great strides in networking landscape is Parachute, a renowned managed IT service provider offers a professional IT team that help clients protect and grow their businesses. Parachute’s top-notch team delivers exceptional IT services, consultation, and implementation of IT solutions that meet business needs while creating better connections between technology and end-users.

Parachute managed IT services not only allows its clients to support more requirements with existing resources but also enables them to focus on the strategic revenue generating initiatives of the company. As a renowned managed IT, partner, the firm aligns with its client’s specific needs and goals. Parachute’s managed IT services team monitors and proactively manages the entire infrastructure to keep any issues away from primary business functions. Protecting data and intellectual property is at the forefront of the IT support services that the firm provides. The company has made significant investments in its enterprise tools and systems to optimize and thoroughly support the IT infrastructure behind the business activities.
Parachute provides relevant recommendations, budgeting assistance, short and long-term planning, as well as comprehensive network reports and security audits during technical business review meetings which puts its clients in a position to make informed decisions benefitting the company. Enterprise tools such as warranty & lifecycle management, network monitoring, remote monitoring & management, managed anti-virus, managed anti-malware, and cloud and internet security platform are included as well with Parachute’s managed IT services. The company provides its clients full access to its cloud-based ticketing system, remote monitoring and management tool (RMM), as well as its cloud-based IT documentation platform so that clients can analyze the progress and accomplishments Parachute is making on their behalf. Parachute customizes the alerting capabilities of its remote monitoring tools to manage its client’s entire network environment centrally and helps to increase employee productivity by providing consistent uptime.

Parachute boasts of multiple episodes where it has came in and saved the day for its clients. In one such instance, San Francisco Travel was having a hard time with managed IT services in the past. But Parachute had a service model that truly worked for them since Parachute extended the IT team, allowing focus to be on the people and partners of the organization, and not just the day-to-day operations. “With Parachute, we have been able to strategically redirect our core technologies to cloud solutions, while improving processes and system access at the same time,” says Christy Hopeman, VP of IT dept at SF Travel.

Parachute team serves small-sized businesses with 15-250+ employees in San Francisco, South San Francisco, the East Bay, and along the Peninsula. Since having a complete IT department is not a viable solution for most small businesses and they can hardly afford to employ and manage one full-time, or even part-time, IT employee. By providing proactive IT consulting and planning, Parachute adds value to companies that lack a CTO or CIO.