Top 10 Managed Network Services Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Managed Network Services Companies - 2019

Managed network services market is booming since the past few years as with the increase in complexity of networks, many enterprises are outsourcing their maintenance to third-party providers. These providers offer a myriad of distinct network services to organizations such as data centers, virtual servers and desktop, and business continuity. As a result, outsourcing the managed network services help enterprises improve business agility, lower the costs, and reduce complexity across hybrid cloud and local (LAN) as well as wide area networks (WAN).

The demand for managed network services is also spurred due to the necessity of user identification and secure data transfer. Since enterprises modify and improve their offerings regularly according to customer demands, multiple traditional network infrastructures are being replaced with improved security structure and accessibility. Subsequently, a major section of market and businesses are anticipated to partner with managed services providers who have a bullet-proof and future-proof network security structure in place and offer managed internet access.

Another network service growing in popularity is software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), which has been undergoing enormous transformation and is unlike any other network service introduced in the market since decades. By leveraging the principles of SD-WAN, the network operators and their business partners could lower the networking prices and improve the bandwidth.

With the current landscape, a promising future ahead, and a wide number of managed network services providers presently inhabiting the market, CIOs and decision-makers are faced with an uphill task of narrowing down a trusted and reliable managed network services provider. Thus, a distinguished panel comprising of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial board of Enterprise Networking Magazine have hand-picked Top 10 Managed Network Services Companies - 2019. These companies have been selected based on their ability to offer services that enhance the overall network management of businesses.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Aqueduct Technologies Provides networking, advanced security, data center, collaboration, and carrier services to enable organizations to provide an optimal end-user experience
ConvergeOne Global IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions for large and medium enterprises
Dataprise Dataprise offers a holistic and personalized approach to IT management and help desk support services, cloud services, information security solutions, and IT strategy and consulting
Dimension Data A managed network services provider that focuses on delivering superior client experiences by combining platform-delivered service innovations with proven technical expertise
LG Networks Delivers network and server solutions for centralized control, efficiency, and reliability to implement, upgrade, or combine infrastructures
MDL Technology Provides solutions for around-the-clock network monitoring, hosting, data recovery, off-site backup security
Parachute Parachute specializes in Managed IT Services and provides a complete solution to optimize, manage, and monitor the entire IT infrastructure
TeamLogic IT Provides a comprehensive approach to deliver availability and security— from end user devices to servers, virtualization, cloud computing and IT optimization
The Isidore Group Invests in keeping a network running, and leverages an innovative technology to predict failures and errors
WaTech Serves as a technology arm for organizations by providing, infrastructure, security, data backups, telecom, and compliance solutions